Out at work day 1 – Dec 12 2011

It’s official.  I just survived the first round of “announcements” by senior management.  My colleagues have been great.  I had the assistance of a top notch communications and HR team.  We prepared a communication plan down to minute detail and the effort is paying off.  Our GLBT Alliance is very strong and was present to answer questions and concerns.

I couldn’t have picked a better company to start my journey in aligning my personal and professional life.

Thank you GE Healthcare!

I have redacted letters that were sent by both management and myself under the “Letters” menu item.

2 thoughts on “Out at work day 1 – Dec 12 2011

  1. It’s great that the company made it clear upfront that they will not tolerate gossip and inappropriate humor at your expense. I hope things continue to go well for you. Will you now be wearing suits and ties to work? I can’t imagine it (remember those Guatemalan drawstring pants we used to wear on weekends in Pacifica?!), but if you’ve decided to wear suits, I want to see pictures on this blog! 🙂

    • I’m sure I’ll still be the same old “fashion disaster” I’ve always been but, yes, there will be occasions where I’ll have to break down and wear a suit.

      I hope to do lots of pictures to document my transition so sooner or later, you will see me in a suit and tie. And kilt. 😉

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