Less Than 20 Hours To Go…

I had a great time with my paternal aunt’s family today. We went to see Sherlock Holmes followed by a yummy Hibachi dinner to top it off before saying goodbye.

I have to mention that this holiday I received the most touching gift. My cousin gave me my Grandfather’s Leatherman tool he always wore on his belt. I barely held back the tears. My Papaw was such a special person to me, and even though he’s no longer with us, this gift made me feel his presence when I needed it most. Thank you Kevin.

My aunt, uncle and cousins have all been so caring and I will miss them terribly as I move to the next phase of recovery and return to work.

I am with my maternal uncle tonight so I’m getting settled into new surroundings and preparing for the trip to Cleveland in the morning. I am looking forward to being free of the compression vest and drains but I’m also wondering if my new body will be a bit disorienting at first. I can’t imagine what it will really feel like.

Fully breathing (and hopefully more focused thinking) less than 20 hours away – I am ready!

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