Take the Long Way Home

I flew back to Milwaukee yesterday with one stop in Detroit. I had a very light carry on and small roller bag but it really exhausted me. I found myself stationary in the “stand” lane of moving sidewalks for the first time in my life. I stumbled into bed around 10 pm and didn’t get up until 11 am today.

I won’t start testosterone for several more weeks and I’ve noticed that despite the lack of breasts and very short hair I still get consistently “mam-ed” everywhere. Bummer. I was “sir-ed” more when I was younger, had longer hair and was full-chested! Go figure.

The incisions are healing well – I managed to remove the surgical tape so I could apply antibiotic ointment. I’m tight, sore and itchy along the suture line and the rest of my chest is pretty numb. Overall, a strange sensation. The tightness bothers me most – I hope it goes away as I move around more.

Clothes shopping is on the agenda for tomorrow – I hope I find a good salesperson!

One thought on “Take the Long Way Home

  1. teeshirt that show off your chest a little is good cause if I get sired I look down. LOL then look up and say wow for a min there I thought I grew breast Dam!! oh well then they get embaress and we laugh and I am sie after that but since growing face hair I have not been ma in a long long time.

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