Hi Ho Hi Ho

I managed to get back to work this week and, other than dealing with the overwhelming fatigue from the shingles, it was pretty non-eventful. That is a good thing. Even though the pre-op communication plan was executed flawlessly and I received numerous calls and notes of support, I worried about how people would react when I returned.

Bigger changes (from taking testosterone) are yet to come but they will be more gradual – at least for those that work with me every day. New challenges are looming, however, as I contemplate attending professional meetings where I will run into colleagues that I haven’t seen in several years. I’m trying to figure out how to handle this – especially in situations where I may be working closely with them on industry committees. At some point, I will have to change my picture and bio on Linkedin but I am not ready to do that yet. I still have a lot of changing to do (i.e., physical, name and gender marker to list a few).

This weekend I plan on finishing my application for graduate school. I had been working on my Phd in Clinical Psychology before I moved back to the midwest for my job and I’ve found another school I’m interested in transferring to – I’m so glad my GRE scores are still good!

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