Andro it Begins

No, it’s not a typo – just a bad pun. The endocrinologist wrote the script for T today; I have officially started the next phase of my journey. We agreed gel was the best option for me. Even though injections might work faster that is not what I’m after – I’m 50 and want to give my body time to gradually adjust.

The stuff reminds me of the alcohol-based handwash gels – clear and antiseptic smelling. It’s absorbed pretty quickly so it won’t slow down my morning routine.

My only worry is getting the big bottle of gel through the airport – at least until I’m a bit more male looking! It’s too expensive to put in checked luggage and the cargo hold probably gets too cold/hot depending on the season.

My first business trip is tentatively scheduled at the end of January – I hope it gets moved out a few months.

8 thoughts on “Andro it Begins

  1. Perhaps an obvious question but can you decant some of the gel into a smaller bottle to avoid headaches with flying?

    Hoping shingles is abating and you’re feeling pretty well healed from surgery!

    • TSA has a user friendly site; click on Traveler’s and the PDF is good too. You should splurge on a dry run (or liquid run!) and do a short flight from Milwaukee to Chicago to practice after reading the new guidelines. That way you won’t be so nervous on business.

      • If you fly to Chicago there is never a guarantee you’ll get out again. 🙂

        TSA is so unpredictable – if they decide to hassle you, there’s not much you can do about it.

        That giant sucking sound you hear when you set foot in an airport is not jet engines firing up – it’s your constitutional rights going down the drain.

    • It’s going to be a very long road to get comfortable with this – there’s lots of documentation changes to be done that need to be timed with they physical ones.

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