Welcome Weekend

I pushed the limits the last couple of days and tried to put in some extended work hours and I’m paying for it.  My outer scars are healing quite well but it’s easy to forget all the internal healing that needs to happen at the same time.  In two words: complete exhaustion.  

Game plan: stay home this weekend, eat well (as in Paleo), tweak my workout space in the basement, and do some mild stretching to get my muscles warmed up to the idea of working out.

I’m also going to do a video and take some pictures.  I plan to keep a documented timeline of the T changes.  This is baseline week 1 – no visible or auditory changes yet!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Weekend

  1. Amazing how long it takes to recover from significant surgery. I’ve always found one hits a wall without warning when running out of energy post-surgery. I’d chug along trying to do my normal stuff and blammo! – done. Watching several friends go through this recovering from very different surgeries just now – but all of you are driven people who don’t stop for mere physical stuff until you have to!

    Did you get a lot of snow to add to the merriment?

  2. This was the first time the snow plow guy has had to visit this year. Very strange winter. Of course, he plowed the driveway but failed to shovel the walk. GRRRR

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