Long Way to Go…

After posting my pictures it occurred to me just how far I have to go in regaining my physical health. Eating clean, exercising, keeping the stress level down, and staying occupationally productive all at the same time is no small feat.

The biggest obstacle now is energy level and when I have to choose, work wins out and I skip the exercise. My chest is remains tight from surgery so I’m still trying to figure out how far to push things.

The diet is going better but it’s really hard to avoid processed food completely. I don’t miss grains, vegetable oils, and sugar – lucky for me I’m not plagued by cravings – but they are in just about everything that’s “conveniently packaged” and ready to eat on the go. The exception is fruit but you can’t overdo it – otherwise, you’re just trading one type of sugar for another.

I received my first sport jacket and suit from TravelSmith this weekend. I’m lucky – men’s short sizes fit well – no alternations needed. I still haven’t bought ties yet. I’m not looking forward to that.

One thought on “Long Way to Go…

  1. Doing many things at one time has always been a skill you have figured out. Check out some of the exercises you can do at your desk. The tie issue is a difficult one – I don’t envy you on that one. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with those who care about you.

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