I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night and noticed he was hawking a Nike Fuelband – a futuristic looking black wristband with LED lights that tell you how many “fuel units” you’ve burned. Of course, it’s sold out, so I haven’t actually seen one in action. But seeing this gizmo jogged my memory – I received a “Fitbit” from a friend not too long ago but never activated it before taking off for top surgery.

Sundays are often upgrade days around the house so I decided to break out the Fitbit for a test run. It’s an interesting little gizmo that you can attach to your belt like a pedometer. It also has an LED readout. The gizmo uses gps to track your motion and, based on info you enter into your profile at tracks your daily energy expenditure. The fitbit synchs to the PC and downloads your data to your online profile via a base station that plugs into the USB port.

You can also use the website to log what you eat so you can basically manage calories in and calories out in order to reach a weight loss goal. I’m not so interested in that particular function – I have plenty to lose but I’m sticking to the Paleo approach when it comes to diet. Perhaps by measuring my activity level I’ll be able to incentivize myself to workout more – not just on the days the trainer shows up to kick my butt all over the basement.

Fitbit also tracks your sleep time – it comes with a wristband and uses some kind of algorithm that calculates total sleep time based on how much you move around at night. Sleep deprivation is a major contributor to raising cortisol levels that, in turn, make you store fat so it makes sense to get in more zzzz’s!

I am determined to be in the best shape of my life by November because… I have a surgery date set (November 19th) and the closer I am to an ideal BMI, the better the outcome may be. I’ll be heading to Serbia to see a doctor who has a great reputation for doing the kind of SRS I’m seeking. More on that to come in future posts. Let the Fitbit begin!

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