5 thoughts on “Yes I’m Wearing a Tie

  1. Great looking shirt and tie – very impressive. Of course I wish you all the luck in the world. So glad you are so resourceful and find the services that will help you in this journey.

  2. Glad you found a service in case you need it (but hoping you don’t need it). What’s the occasion for wearing a tie? Big meeting? Or are you just trying it out? I personally don’t care for the conservative corporate executive look, but you do look the part. Do you have a nice dress watch? My dad always wore a nice watch and good cologne. Part of his “shiny as a new penny” look. Aren’t you happy I am giving you grooming tips, the woman who NEVER dresses in anything but t-shirts and turtlenecks from Lands End?! Ha ha ha!!

    • Glad to know I can look the part when I have to – not my favorite either but it’s the price I pay to play.

      I gave up watches once I started carrying the cell phone all the time. I read an article recently that said wrist watches are going the way of the pocket watch.

      CK One – it’s what I happen to have hanging around for now. 🙂

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