Funerals and Family

I spent part of last week in WV to attend a family member’s memorial service. I drove the 500+ miles in one day – the dogs were champs hanging out and napping in the back seat. The drive gave me time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I hope to be. The death gave me pause to reflect on what really matters.

1. People can change for the better – even if they’ve hurt you horribly in the past. If you don’t believe this (and practice forgiveness), you will likely miss out on healing a very deep wound – one that festers and becomes fatal when ignored too long. The flip side is also true: if you’ve changed and made amends to someone you’ve hurt in the past and they can’t forgive you – move on. Quickly.

2. Your body is a vehicle. If you don’t take care of it, you’ll end up with unexpected interruptions or perhaps even a premature end to your journey. You only have one body – respect it. If someone in your life can’t get on board with that and honor your choices to be healthy and in tune with who you are – move on. Quickly.

3. Listen for excuses – they are cues. If someone constantly externalizes the “why’s” of their choices don’t buy into it. They aren’t ready to take responsibility for their own feelings and actions. Move on. Quickly. You can’t truly change anyone but yourself.

4. Relationships can be life giving or life zapping. Death has a way of reminding us how short and tenuous life can be. Nurture the givers. Don’t waste it on the zappers. Move on. Quickly.

2 thoughts on “Funerals and Family

  1. You have always been able to evaluate things so logically. I think you are right on and will be moving to a better place with your changes and thoughts.

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