May Travel Plans

I just finished booking my flights for Atlanta and Philadelphia in May. I’ve booked them under my new male name and gender on the advice of my attorney. It took a leap of faith on my part to believe all the paperwork will be finished in time.

First, I go to Atlanta to visit with my surgeon (Dr. Miro) who will be flying in from Serbia to speak at a conference. It will be nice to meet him well in advance of the surgery (planned over Thanksgiving week this November). I think it will help me get over some of the anxiety I feel about traveling so far away for such a major procedure.

A week after Atlanta, I’ll be heading to Philadelphia to attend the Trans-Health conference. It looks like there will be plenty of interesting people there and it will give me a chance to meet other trans guys who have or will be facing the same health challenges I do. Even though I’m building a nice virtual community of friends and allies, it will be great to finally meet people “in the real world” in a safe setting.

I’m working out like a fiend and eating clean but my weight is holding steady… I’m going to try some radical changes soon if the needle doesn’t budge. I refuse to buy into the “eat less move more” paradigm – I don’t want to lose the muscle I’ve built or put my body into a stubborn “starvation mode” so – next stop is Leptin reset with Dr. Jack Krause.

Fun! NOT.

6 thoughts on “May Travel Plans

  1. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat – just because you’re not losing weight in a hurry doesn’t mean you’re not changing your body mass and structure. I know you know that – it’s easy to get frustrated with the pace of change not being what one wants. I’m in the same boat with a different hormone mix that works against me more than what should (theoretically) be going on with you right now. It’s annoying isn’t it!

    On another front will you be passing this way with all the travel? Would love to see you!

  2. Tam,

    I know how you feel with the exercise, but I have learned to stop looking at the weight and start paying attention to how my clothes fit. A trainer at my gym said it takes two solid months or so of consistent cardio before your body even realizes it is supped to start letting go of the fat. And, I am doing weights now too, and like Les above commented, muscle weighs more than fat, so take heart brother! And as your jeans begin to fit in a better way, so you will see the real difference, that you have gained muscle and lost fat, no matter what the scale says.

    Also, so happy you get to go to a trans conference! I wanted to go to one, but with surgery coming up so soon, travels like that will have to be put on the back burner: my meager grocer’s salary can only be stretched so far! But have a great time, and I look forward to reading your post after you come back from it.


    • Patience has never been a virtue of mine. I had a really good workout with the trainer today – he say’s I’m starting to get some definition in my arms so who am I to argue? 🙂

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