Walking Around

I took the dogs on a five mile hike.  Now we are going to make garlicky bacon kale chips, clean off some radishes, and generally get our food provisions in order for the week.  I started the leptin reset protocol today and had a big ass breakfast as commanded – three pastured eggs fried in bacon grease and four slices of thick cut organic nitrate free bacon.  I fried up two packages so I should be set for bacon for a few days.

I found a local grocery chain that sells grass fed beef – maybe if I’m really up for more activity later I’ll score a steak and throw it on the grill tonight and pair it up with a hard cider.

How I generally feel these days:


Bacon kale chips ROCK:

It doesn't look like much but it's crispy, tastes like bacon and is super nutritous!

How to: clean the kale (wash it, cut out the stem and cut into chip sizes), pour some liquid bacon grease – not hot – over it with pepper and garlic powder, squish it around in a pan to cover the kale, spread it out on a cookie sheet single layer, and bake at 310 for about 12-15 minutes.

MUCH better than pounding down potato chips!

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