May is here and it is a busy month.  I head to court today and, if all goes as planned, I’ll get to change my name and gender marker on my driver’s license.  Then I get to run the gauntlet to change all the other documents that make up the fabric of my identity.

The month of May also brings a trip to Atlanta where I’ll see with my future surgeon.  He’s visiting from Serbia to speak at a urology conference.  I hope this meeting will put me at ease about going so far away on my own for a major procedure.  I’m scheduled for surgery in November – and it will be here before I know it.

At the end of May I’ll be heading to the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference.  I look forward to meeting other guys who have traveled to Serbia for surgery.  I’ve corresponded with many of them online the past few months and I have been so impressed with their willingness to help those of us just starting our transition.

And now for some fitness numbers…

Over the past 24 days I have lost 4 pounds (I lost 5 pounds of fat and gained one pound of muscle).  Body fat dropped from 39.2% to 36.8%.  My diet (primal) and exercise (2 hours lifting, 1 hour cardio, and 15 miles hilly walking per week) stayed the same – the only thing that changed was adding the 5 minute cold water showers twice daily (and ice packs as time permits).  Next step – move from showers to full body ice baths.  Glad we are heading into summer here in Wisconsin!

6 thoughts on “May….be

  1. Hope all goes well and great consideration goes into your new name so you never have to explain it to anyone. It can either be like having a tattoo with past transgressions or having a proud moment with the priviledge of picking something that we don’t have control of at birth.

    • I’m keeping the shortened version of my first name since it’s a male name in Scotland. I’m adding two letters to my middle name to masculinize it. I’m not looking to completely erase who I’ve been for 50 years. If I’d transitioned as a teen or early adult I may have been more inclined to pick something totally new.

    • I doing a leptin reset protocol based on emerging ideas about activating brown fat cells using cryotherapy.

      It was a rough start but now I’m used to it. I find the ice cold showers now leave me more relaxed than hot ones.

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