Bureaucratic Whirlwind

It’s official – I have the court order for name change and a surgeon’s letter.  I spent a few hours yesterday waiting in line at the DMV and walked out with my driver’s license showing my new name and “M” gender marker.  The clerk was very polite and actually said “Congratulations” as she handed over the shiny plastic.

The fun continued today.  First stop was the Social Security Administration.  They needed my new driver’s license, my passport and the original court order and surgeon letter and form SS-5.  The clerk noticed my birth state (West Virginia) and asked if my family was supportive (in a caring way).  I told her yes and she was happy to hear it.

Second stop was the post office to deal with the passport change.  I didn’t have an appointment but things were slow so the clerk said “no problem”.  I handed over my old passport, new picture, original court order and surgeon letter, new driver’s license and form DS-11.  Unlike the DMV and Social Security – they keep the original court order and surgeon letter and mail it in with the old passport so be prepared – you won’t get them back until they mail your new passport.  I made plenty of copies so I have them on hand.  I am sure I’ll go through lots of the court order copies to change my name on various accounts (next step).

My experience so far has been smooth – I’ve found taking a matter of fact, business as usual attitude seems to work well.  Either that, or I’ve just been unusually lucky with the bureaucrats!  I hope the TSA is as kind when I fly later this month.

3 thoughts on “Bureaucratic Whirlwind

  1. Congrats again man and dont worry about TSA. Most go off mirco expressions, if you look nervous they will pull you to the side. I worried about that when traveling to Serbia but they were actually very very nice. Having a correct documents makes things so easy. I was only stopped once when I was back in the states leaving the airport and it was only because i was walking like I was on a horse for 10 years lol. He said where did you go I said for surgery down there after that he just asked did i need a wheelchair and i said i got it, that was the end of that. you’ll be fine 🙂

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