Meeting with the Surgeon

My future surgeon (Miro) was visiting from Serbia to speak at a medical conference in Atlanta.  My dad lives near Atlanta so I made a quick trip South this weekend to visit both of them.

Miro was incredibly compassionate and took his time during our consultation.  I now feel quite confident about making the trip to Serbia for such a major procedure.  I’ve done extensive research and I am working on getting my self in the best shape possible to up my odds for a successful outcome.  Meeting Miro in person was, for me, more of an emotional need to connect with the person who is going to play such a pivotal role in my physical transition.

I asked him if we could take a photo so I could share it with my friends and family who won’t be able to go to Serbia and meet him.  Here we are:


 I was impressed that he immediately noticed the progress I’d made on my reducing my  body weight – he’d only seen pictures and had a brief Skype session with me a couple of months ago.  The only surprise was his suggestion that I abstain from upper body weight training until after surgery to avoid putting on too much muscle on the lats.  It looks like more aerobic sessions are in my future!


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