A Statin A Day

Can bring muscle aches, high blood sugar, and liver disease your way…

I just got a call my endocrinologist. My lipid levels are still “not great” and he wants to put me on a very low dose of a statin drug called Crestor.

I said “thanks, but no thanks”…

I’ve worked in “the industry” and I know the side effects. I’ve also learned a great deal about the fallacies that link lipid levels to coronary artery disease. Then there’s the constant misinformation campaign about the benefits of a “low-fat” diet. This type of diet fails to take into account the pro-inflammatory impact of ingesting low-fat foods that are processed with all kinds of chemicals and generally high in carbohydrates.

The pseudo-science behind mainstream advice about drugs and diet is literally killing the public. I’m not going to let that happen to me.

So… I asked my endocrinologist to focus solely on my hormones and agreed to find a cardiologist to worry about my heart. And I found a cardiologist that reportedly understands two key points: (1)lipids are a very poor indicator of blood vessel health and (2) that a diet that reduces inflammation is the path to more flexible and clean vessels. I figure this doctor may want to do a coronary calcium scan and that is fine by me – it’s a much more direct measure of heart vessel health. The scan will also help me establish my readiness for the big surgery in November (and identify any issues that need to be addressed well before it’s time to go to Serbia).

I see this new doctor in June and get to “come out” trans to yet another healthcare provider in the great Midwest. As I see it, I’m clearing the way for other trans folks out there who need specialized medical care but avoid it because they are afraid of how providers will react to their transition.


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