Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Day 2

I met lots of new friends at Tabu last night thanks to the serendipitous meeting of one of the conference organizers who is a queer identified woman who does lots of advocacy work for the FTM community (thank you – you know who you are!)…

The crowd was friendly and, as shy as I am, I managed to hold my own in a number of chit chats – not my usual forte.  Those young FTMs were quite a site and the MTFs and allies from all walks of life gave the joint the best energy.

I’m not a night person so getting back to my hotel room at 2 am out of character but I managed to get in a solid 5 hours before hitting the bricks back to the conference.  Today’s sessions included:

– Sounding Masculine: this session, ran by a speech therapist, opened my eyes about the nuances of sounding male beyond pitch.  I had no idea we FTMs can also benefit from voice coaching – something I need to consider since I’ve felt like the voice coming out of my mouth is disconnected from the rest of me sometimes!

– Presenting Gender With Your Pants Off: lots of great discussion about working out a safe space to be intimate with a partner without triggering dysphoria.  We humans are a creative species!

– Hung Jury: Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transexual Men: my friend Trysten Cotten gave a wonderful presentation about a topic that so many of us are misinformed about.  He is publishing a book containing stories from trans men who have had bottom surgery and it’s truly a labor of love; proceeds will be used for further work in the community.  The book will be published by Transgress Press – please help out with publication costs if you can.  Thank you Trystan! 

I ran out of steam in the afternoon so I headed back to the hotel for a swim and a nap.  Tonight’s agenda: I’ve been invited to dinner at the Vietnam Palace followed by drinks at a local leather bar called The Bike Stop.  If I were a religious man I’d ask my readers to pray for me (ok, maybe not, but if you know me it’s clearly a bit of a stretch LOL).

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