I wish Free to be You and Me had been around when I was a kid!

In Our Words

by: Frank McAlpin

When I was young, I was not your typical little boy.  I was into make believe and pretending.  I liked to collect rocks and paint them pretty colors.  I had a whole family of My Little Pony’s (the old school kind).  And I was obsessed with unicorns.  My mom even made me a unicorn costume for Halloween one year.  It was epic.  I guess you could say I was different.

And it was as a young boy, a boy that often felt different from his peers, that I was first introduced to the revolutionary children’s book Free to Be…You and Me by Marlo Thomas.  Although I didn’t really know it at the time, this book had a profound impact on my life.  Free To Be…You and Me is a collection of stories, poems and songs that teach young children and adults that it is okay to be…

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  1. It was published in ’72, when you were 11. I’m sorry you missed out on it when you were young. I enjoyed it as a teenager even though it was written for younger kids. My mom got the album for Ryan.

  2. Yes, my parents (and fundamentalist christian school) would not have been big fans… left to my own devices it seemed to pass me by.

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