I’ve logged a few miles on my truck over the past week.  I went from Wisconsin to West Virginia to Philadelphia to Delaware and now I’m in Cleveland en route to Michigan.  I’ve met lots of new people and I’ve been through some tough storms – weather and emotional.

Road trips have always ignited some sort of emotional growth and exploration for me whether I’m alone or with a great companion.  When someone recently asked “What’s your favorite book?” I replied effortlessly “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” then immediately felt a bit insecure and immature for not growing beyond it.  But it was the truth.  I crave the Chautauqua.  As I learned more about the history of them I found it quite amusing that bad storms and tornadoes where a common fear of organizers and goers alike.

 I’m an old and restless spirit.  I need to keep moving and learning.  Stagnation eats at my soul.  

But I also need balance.  A home.  Not an anchor but an emotional space for peace and acceptance no matter where I happen to be at a given moment.  

A new request has arisen from this chautauqua: help me find the wisdom to sit with impermanence and embrace it instead of missing the past or fearing the future.

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