Post surgery day 4

I woke up in the middle of the night feeing like I had to pee. Impossible. I have a catheter.

Went to bathroom and there it went – urine and blood. Some coming out of the stent. Not sure where else.

I sat in shock for a bit then cleaned up best I could. I noticed very little urine had collected in the bag while I slept. Could I possibly have linked the hose?

I went back to bed and drank some water. Urine in bag this morning seems normal. Still have drips of blood from stent.

I see the doctor today. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve already blown up the pipes.

5 thoughts on “Post surgery day 4

  1. lol no no no sir this is a good thing actually! I ended up peeing way early and miro just chuckled as i was totally freaked out. this just means your body is doing what it does best, HEAL. I told you you’d be fine man this is a very large indication that your on the brighter side of things. Probably burned like all hell too lol.

  2. I pushed out my stent and my suprapubic cath got clogged which is why the stent pushed out cause the urine was trying to escape. Maybe it was blocked a little either by pressure or your new urethra being ready. I peed without issue since my stent was removed. Ironically enough this might be a good thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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