Post surgery day 5

Taking a shower for the first time was heaven. And exhausting. I hate being reminded how weak I still am. I only took 3 pain pills post surgery and hoped that would help me be more alert but the muscle fatigue from 7 hours on a hard surgery table cannot be under estimated.

The pain is tolerable and changes from twinges around the incision for the mons resection to what I can only describe as spasms around the urethral stent. I have to irrigate the stent every three or four hours and every time there is blood. It makes me fear the doc will not take it out tomorrow.

I can sit for about 20 minutes at a time. I have a long way to go to work up to a six hour flight back East. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready at the pace I’m going! I am 51 years old in my head but the reality of what that means for extra healing time hasn’t connected quite yet.

When I look in the mirror the dysphoria is definitely lessening. I’m still quite swollen but hope as things sort out it will get better.

I never gave birth but I suppose the aftermath of a vaginectomy comes close to the level of trauma a woman may experience. Giving birth was something I never wanted to experience but now it feels like I had to do something quite like it to give birth to me. I’m relieved. Glad it’s gone. Finally.

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