Post surgery day 7

For some strange reason I had more pain last night – especially the V-nectomy. Burning itching and tearing is the best way I can describe it. No blood. Just waves of pain. I took acetaminophen and waited for it to subside to a low enough roar so I could sleep to the soft drone of CNN in the background.

I woke up early and started my work day. It’s hard to stay seated for long periods and dealing with the laptop from a more supine position gives me a neck ache. So I go in fits and starts as best I can.

I miss my Scottie. He misses me. I’m getting reports of lots of toilet paper shredding incidents. Hope he doesn’t graduate to anything more deadly. His carefree Westie brother is doing fine – a truly happy pup in any circumstance. I wish I could be more like the Westie but alas the Scottie and I are soul mates.

I also miss getting up and down without mustering the fortitude to deal with all the sensations that creates. I just realized my mons resection scar literally runs from hip to hip. I wonder how many stitches I have. Thank goodness I had decent abdominal strength pre-surgery (you wouldn’t believe it by appearance) because I couldn’t have gotten in and out of bed unassisted otherwise.

I miss feeling invigorated by a shower. Right now they wipe me out for at least an hour.

So far the T hasn’t made a dent in my mood. Another dose on Thursday. Maybe I will lighten up by the weekend. I’d like to feel well enough to see the Pacific and the Golden Gate.

4 thoughts on “Post surgery day 7

  1. Maybe as you’re getting more active you’re pulling abused tissue and that’s why more pain? I’ve had that happen post-abdominal surgery. And working semi-reclining with LOTS of pillows to get you and laptop in most comfortable place might help? I know it took me weeks to be able to roll over in bed post c-section years ago – hard to be patient but you’ve had a lot of things re-arranged and stressed. If you were in reach I’d feed you and bring you tea. (((((())))))

    • Awww. Wish you were here!

      Yes. I spent lots of time up and about yesterday. This has been so much more extensive than I imagined. And believe me – I did plenty of research!

  2. I cannot imagine how one would anticipate the physical and emotional reaction to such a major surgery. Having gone through a ton of (much less emotionally significant) surgery I’m pretty familiar with the tedium of healing/hurting/wanting energy back NOW – and that’s without all the hugely significant additional stuff going on with your recovery. I always wanted a fast forward button and I’ll bet you do too.

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