Post Surgery Day 8

Day 7 was a blur. Too much work. No rest. Irritating bleeding and dribbling. General misery.

I was finally able to peel off some of the gauze and bandages around the supra pubic cath. It was sore and moist and getting air to hit it felt good. I also managed to re-tape my cath tube so there’s less pulling.

The highlight of my day was an awesome steak sandwich on a sourdough roll with olive tapenade and melted machengo cheese. My friends know how to cook delicious food.

I’m so worried about passing the pee test Monday. I really need this cath out.

Yesterday was a wash. I hope I can rest more today and focus on healing. I want to finish reading “Sexing the Body” by Ann Fausto. The print is tiny and footnotes endless but it’s worth the effort!

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