Lessons Learned from the Death of a Snake Handler

godless in dixie

Snakehandling Earlier this week news began circulating about the death of yet another snake-handling preacher and my first response was to leave it alone.  Christians hate being lumped together with the fringe outliers of their religion and at first I was happy to comply with their wishes.  But yesterday the son of the deceased preacher announced that the very snake which killed his father will be making an appearance again in this week’s gathering.  As anyone who knows anything about religious belief knows, this is par for the course.  You can’t learn from your mistakes if your religion tells you that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.  Knowing this the way I do, I decided to write about this because, while their actions may look crazy to the rest of us, there’s an important lesson in this story that’s relevant for the saner members of the faith of…

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