Gender is a Trans-itive Verb (Pt. 1)

Well done overview of “how to speak trans”- I look forward to future posts!


This week we will be exploring some of the historical foundations for our contemporary understanding of what it means to be trans. In this post, I’ll share a few words on language and terminology. Latter this week, in pt. 2, I will give a short recap of the evolution in thinking of transgenderism from the realms of social science and medical/biological science. Finally, in pt. 3 we’ll dive into the meat and potatoes: a look into the lives of three historical figures famous for their relationship between sex, gender, and the times/societies in which they lived.

First, it seems prudent to address the problem of language when talking about transgenderism. If you want to skip this brief vocab lesson, the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health has a great primer you can peruse at your leisure (or simple open another tab you will never get to reading and eventually close after leaving it…

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