So you are transitioning….

Went to the doc this morning. The nurse looks at me and says “So I see you are transitioning male to female…”

I replied, “Yes but in the other direction. Please don’t make me reverse gears!” She was soooo embarrassed. I laughed soooo hard. I told her thanks for the compliment and assured her that she actually made my day in a very twisted sort of way.

3 thoughts on “So you are transitioning….

  1. Before I transitioned, but by the time I realized it would one day be a fait accomplé, I was shopping for clothes at a department store. I had a ream of outfits to try on hanging in my arms. I asked a sales clerk to direct me to the dressing room. She looked me up and down and said, “Um, the women’s room or the men’s room.” 🙂

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