Surgery Day 10.

I’m told by others that you start feeling a bit more sorted day 14. Then, baring any complications it’s countdown week to catheter removal. The anti bladder spasm med has been very effective so far. No constant feeling of pressure like the last time.

All the antibiotics wipe me out but are a necessary evil. The only complaint is I’m starting to dribble a bit but I’m told this is normal as long as the catheter is still working.

I feel like I’m in a strange space of radio silence waiting to see if things spring back to life. I’m like the astronaut I. The capsule re-entering the atmosphere. Alone. Turbulent. Vulnerable. I’m either going to disintegrate or splashdown successfully. It’s nerve wracking and makes it hard to concentrate on much of anything else.

I miss feeling untethered. Tubes, bags, splints and wound dressing changes. But so far I’ve been very fortunate. Buddy is warm and pink and all the incisions look great.

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