Surgery Day 12

I spent most of the day on my own yesterday. I had a bit a swelling and spent lots of time laying in the bed reading. It is better today.

The wound dressing change on the arm still made me a bit anxious. I was able to watch enough that I now know I will not be able to do this alone one handed even if I could handle it psychologically. It takes a lot of coordination to get the xeroform on just right. There’s no way I can do it one handed.

I also can’t tear fabric tape one handed or use scissors to cut gauze squares to place around the catheter stoma. My friend is going to leave a bunch of precut ones before leaving today. But will I really be able to switch between the leg bag and overnight bag one handed? Guess I’ll find out.

So for now the two things tethering me down and forcing my dependency on other folks are the catheter and the arm. I really don’t like feeling burdensome to others. I can’t wait until I alone am bearing the responsibility for my aftercare. I hope it helps lift a bit of this fog of what may partially be post anesthesia depression.

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