Feeling Obsolete

I have been quiet of late. Busy trying to recuperate from surgery. Lots of hand therapy and wound care. I didn’t appreciate how much time this would take. I get little else done.

I promised a friend I’d write a narrative for a new book on transmen. But I’m older and from Appalachian roots. I can’t help but feel my story is a bit obsolete at this point. Maybe the world isn’t ready for “Coal Miner’s grandtranson”?

8 thoughts on “Feeling Obsolete

  1. Recuperation takes more energy than you think – healing both internally and psychologically.
    If you can summon the energy, I think you would write a great piece. You know what it is like to try with all your might to live in the body you were born in, and why you couldn’t do it any longer. That is an important story to tell – transitioning in midlife has a whole different narrative – and it needs to be out there as much as every YouTube video put out by 19 year olds. And the soundtrack to “Coal Miner’s Grandtranson” would be awesome.

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